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Monday, March 30, 2009

Feerst, Some Updates

A few quick updates just to keep you in the loop:

1. The baby sets were well-received and the shower was quite nice. I had a good time with my in-laws; we laughed our asses off and as we were sitting way in the back we managed to be quite inappropriate at times. She opened my gift last and it got the requisite oohs and aahs so I was satisfied. 'Cause it's all about me. Plus, my new nephew was there and wearing his Handknit by Poops original sweater and hat set and looked cute as a button in it.

2. "Jane" received a public smackdown for her vilification of Coach Blair by past players who came forward and in proudly signed letters said that yes, he was tough but fair, and the overwhelming sentiment was that they were all better athletes, better people, and better women for having been coached by him. Not to mention the smackdown the editor of the paper got for quoting an unnamed source like she was Deep Throat or something.

3. Grilling season is in full-force here. The reason we don't grill all winter long is for lack of a place to put the grill. We store that bad boy in the old woodshed and can't quite get to it until the snow recedes somewhat. We could grill on the porch, but our porch is dry pine and we use charcoal, so the fear of burning the place down with a stray briquette makes me nervous. Especially now that I own the place.

4. You heard me right. I now own my home. Up until a couple of weeks ago, this house and the house next door were the property of my dad. He lives in the other house with my sister and her husband. In a nutshell, the properties were joined and a mortgage applied to both of them. The fear was that should dad die suddenly, we'd have been homeless when the bank took both places back. So he refinanced the mortgage, and in the split second the properties were free and clear, we split them and put the mortgage on the big house next door. Which my sister and Baboo now own and will pay the mortgage on, while DH and I own mine. Now we have to cover the homeowner's insurance and the taxes, but everything else stays the same. Some people think it's unfair that my sister gets twice the house that I do, but she also got the mortgage, higher taxes, more expensive upkeep, a bigger insurance payment, and the old people. I think it's fair.

5. I love chipmunks. It's not profound or anything, heck we all do, but for me it goes much deeper than that. (What I see when I look out the window right next to the 'puter screen.)

6. DH is going to TX for his brother's graduation, but may leave too early on Sunday to see him ordained as a pastor. Depends on the flight he gets, but he'd like to be home earlier rather than later. And the new pastor and his family will be moving to VT at the end of May so we'll be seeing them more than once a year. Stay tuned for that. The new place is on the other side of Keene and as anyone from NH knows, you can't get thay-ah from he-ah, least not 'fore dahk. Nossuh.

7. I have a kindergartener! Bobo is all registered and starts in the fall! And she's potty trained at last. Not at night, but I really don't care if she wears a pull-up to bed when she's 20 as long as she's dry all day. It's about time, really, since she's FIVE for chrissakes, but I'll take what I can get. We still have a parent meeting or two to attend and she has some testing to take, but I think she'll be ready. I don't know if the school is or not. Time will tell. She's starting to read after not being interested in books in the slightest, ever. Now she "reads" them to us. She can look at a book she doesn't know by heart and pick out words she recognizes and sound out ones she doesn't.

8. You may have noticed a sad lack of spinning content. Truthfully, I haven't been able to do much since Dave arrived. Knitting I can pick up and put down with no trouble, but it's harder to do with spinning. Plus, I'd been having issues with the wheel. The top went "flaccid" for want of a better term. I tried tightening the obvious knobs, and they're as tight as they go with no difference. Then another spinner suggested tightening some of the less obvious screws and knobs and it made a bit of difference, but not enough to use it. Today, however, I happened to notice that it was erect and while it will droop if I push it down, it stays up when I put it back into place. I also noticed my cupboard doors aren't closing all the way anymore. Know why? It's spring! We burn wood pellets all winter and the air in here is frightfully dry. My cupboard doors all fit nicely when the air is dry, though I can't keep a kitchen chair from falling apart. As soon as the rain comes and the snow melts and the stove is off, suddenly things get sticky because the extra moisture in the air makes the wood swell a bit. So doors get sticky in their frames, cupboard doors don't quite close all the way, and apparently my wheel maintains it's proper posture. I might give it a go and see how it performs on a bit of "practice" wool. I might have to get a bunch of practice in just to get my spinning chops back.

9. Because of BIL's graduation being on Mother's Day weekend, I'll not be attending NH Sheep and Wool this year. Which is sad, but I've barely touched the roving I bought last year so I'm not that put out. I'm hoping to get to the Webs annual anniversary sale instead, and perhaps a concert and cantor workshop down in Durham as well. I suspect it will all come out in the wash.

10. And finally, I've had quite a run of business in the etsy shop! Just when I thought mitten season was over, I sold a couple pair, some fingerless mittens, and two of the four pair of booties I just listed. I'm working on some more fingerless ones right now with beads on them. It adds a nice touch, I think.

I'm thinking of having a blog contest to celebrate my upcoming 40th birthday. Stay tuned!


Blogger Kaye said...

Whew! Thank goodness for chipmunks to break up the long posts! ;-)

1:08 PM  
Blogger Batty said...

Congratulations to Bobo -- kindergarten, how cool is that?

I hope you get to do something nice for yourself on Mother's Day anyway.

Oh, and just for laughs... no, I'm not pathetic, and word verification thingies don't usually crack me up. Bug mine was wayopoo...

9:17 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Congrats on having the home "your own"

And woohoo on the success of potty training!

10:06 PM  

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