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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mitten Mania

In an exercise in stashbusting, I've been working on making kid-sized mittens. Why kid-sized? Well, for starters, it's fast. I can whip out a pair in a couple of hours, if'n I don't get too fancy. Second, they're great for using up bits and pieces of yarn: they take smallish amounts and the color combinations can be freaky because kids don't care. Third, my kids are always unable to find a pair of mittens on any given day, so the more mittens, the merrier.
These to the left are actually a very vibrant pink, but washed out some in the photo. They've got a distinct "50's Diner" feel to them. So I called this pattern "Bobby's Girl", it being the name of a local diner.
The ones on the right are a light ash grey with
light brown and purple seed stitch accenting. I
bought the two balls of Light Lopi to help use up
the grey Nature Spun. So now I still have plenty of the Nature Spun, and two partial skeins of Lopi. I see a matching hat in the future.

Now, I've got a couple more pairs to show off, but for some reason my pictures are taking
to load tonight. And as it's already after midnight here, I'll show more tomorrow.

But for now, I'm pooped.


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