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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Awareness Ribbon Dishcloth

Here's my pattern for a dishcloth with an awareness ribbon pattern in the center. I would post a picture but a.) I don't have one; and b.) Blogger is being a bitch about letting me upload photos. I can't tell you how close I am to finding another blog host.

So here's the pattern, and when I make another one of these cloths I'll put a pic up. Or at least I'll try to. You may have to settle for a link. I'm just saying.

Awareness Ribbon Dishcloth

Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton in the appropriate color and size 7 needles.

Cast on 36 sts.

Row 1 – 5: Knit
Row 6: K3, p3, k6, p12, k6, p3, k3
Row 7 and all odd rows: Knit
Row 8: K3, p4, k6, p10 k6, p4, k3
Row 10: K3, p5, k5, p10, k5, p5, k3
Row 12: K3, p6, k4, p10, k4, p6, k3
Row 14: K3, p7, k4, p8, k4, p7, k3
Row 16: K3, p8, k4, p6, k4, p8, k3
Row 18: K3, p9, k4, p4, k4, p9, k3
Row 20: k3, p10, k4, p2, k4, p10, k3
Row 22: K3, p12, k6, p12, k3
Row 24: Repeat Row 22
Row 26: K3, p10, k4, p2, k4, p10, k3
Row 28: K3, p8, k5, p4, k5, p8, k3
Row 30: Repeat Row 28
Row 32: Repeat Row 28
Row 34: Repeat Row 28
Row 36: K3, p9, k12, p9, k3
Row 38: K3, p10, k10, p10, k3
Row 40: K3, p12, k6, p12, k3
Row 41 – 45: Knit

Bind off

This is correct to my knowledge. I did total up the stitch counts on the rows, so I hope there's no typo's.

WAIT! There is a correction on row 38 brought to my attention by a Knittyhead! It is correct now! (I forgot the second p10...oops!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you. Here's a picture of how mine came out:

Thank you!


3:58 PM  

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