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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Old Home Day

I had a booth at Belmont Old Home Day this year.

See, every year the St. Joseph's Altar and Rosary Society has a bake sale and craft fair, and I happened to mention my experience at the Canterbury Fair to Fr. Albert and he put me on the fast track to a table of my own at the church fair.

Bottom line: I did great! I cleared 75 bucks, which isn't bad at all for a fair as small as that one was. And I'm on "the clipboard" for a table at the annual Holiday Fair in November. (Is it ironic at all that a Catholic church has a "holiday" fair and not a "Christmas" fair? Or just odd?)

And having discovered that the Altar and Rosary Society wasn't at all what we thought it was (less holy roller and more social organization), Sister and I are going down to the church for the monthly meeting tonight. They need some younger blood in there, and we have some ideas for making the OHD craft fair a big moneymaker for the food pantry. And perhaps play a little cribbage too, who knows?

So the big sellers were the Fuggles, cotton dishcloths and cotton mesh market bags. Who knew? Well, the Fuggles were popular in Canterbury, so I saw that coming, no big surprise there. I was surprised that the stupid cotton dishcloths (that take little time or skill to make) sold that quickly, and that I sold some market bags. And I got rid of a bunch of my "clearance" cards that I marked down because they were some of my earliest rubber stamping efforts and not really very pretty.

I am astounded that for as much attention as they get, no one has bought any of the can covers or coffee cozees that I made. They're only a buck to a buck fifty each. Why don't they sell? I might have to make a bigger sign. Mark my words, they shall be heavily merchandised at the next fair! I WILL sell some of those bad boys!

My next fair is September 9th and then the Holiday fair in November, and that should about do it for this year. I haven't had an idea yet for a single Christmas present, though I do have another baby gift to make in the next month.

I'm taking suggestions.


Blogger Zonda said...

Nice job on your craft fair! As for suggestions are they for the fair or the presents? LMK...I have a few! :)

12:39 PM  

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