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Monday, September 11, 2006

Too Dumb to be Allowed to Live

No, I'm not talking about you. I meant me. This time.

I designed a dishcloth (I know, woohoo, how tricky), but after looking all over for a dishcloth with an awareness ribbon on it and not being happy about how it came out, I made up my own, and it was awesome! I made up two of them for a craft fair I did over the weekend, and seeing as it was a breast cancer fundraiser craft fair, sold them right out. But I didn't take a picture of them. *frowns* How dumb was that? So I was all psyched up to give y'all a free pattern, but I have no pic of the FO. Now I have to make another one. But I don't feel like it right now. So you'll have to wait. Sorry, my bad.

But this is a nice pic of the booth as set up for the Betty J. Borry Breast Cancer Retreats craft fair in lovely Stratham NH, as is this one. And here is sister utilizing her custom Coffee Cozee I made the night before to keep our beverages comfortable.

I made some money, but not as much I think as I would had the show been advertised in some way. I have one left on November 11, and that's it for the year. Which is good, since I'm sick to death of making baby hats and dishcloths.

I also attended a friend's baby shower on Sunday and the gift of the bonnet and sweater set was well-received. So much so in fact that it was the only gift that was ooohed and aaaahed over and I got requests for my phone number to make some more.

I don't know though. I feel kind of like knitting some stuff that will actually stay in the house. I started a pair of mittens for Bobo out of the leftover Swish from the sweater. And I ordered some yarn from to make a poncho for The Bug. She has forgotten about the multicolored monstrosity she wanted originally, so the less said the better, mmmmkay?

And finally, today is the fifth anniversary of 9/11. I find myself sadder today than I was when it originally happened. I suppose because back then it was so shocking, so awesome--just so absolutely unbelievable that I didn't have time to cry. Five years later I've found my tears and have cried on and off all morning for those who died that day, and those who have died in its aftermath.

We said it five years ago, and it bears repeating. "We Remember."


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