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Monday, September 04, 2006

Saque-ville Sweater and the Woes It Inflicted

So, I loved this sweater set. Thought the pattern ("Saque-ville by Monkeyknits) was adorable. Have a friend that got herself pregnant in a most convenient manner, baby due during sweater weather. And as the coup de grace, Knitpicks ushered in the autumn season with a new washable wool! Yay! Wool! That you can machine wash and dry! And in cute colors!

So I order it up, put a rush on the delivery, and squee with delight when it arrives. Started knitting right away, and after one mis-start, knitted along blissfully.

I loved the yarn. It was soft and sproingy, nice to touch. The pattern knitted up quickly and in a few days I was seaming and putting on pom pons.

For ha ha's, I knitted up a swatch and tossed it in the washer with a load of laundry to see what would happen. It came out just a hair smaller, but not enough to be significant. And it fuzzed a bit, but again, not very much. The ends that were not woven in caught the brunt of it. And I figured that since I did wash it in a normal cycle and dryed it on hot, that washing it in the gentle cycle in a pillowcase and drying it on the low/delicate cycle and pulling it out before it was bone dry and blocking it would be A-OK.

I was wrong.

It came out of the washer just fine. I tossed it in the dryer and put it on low, and checked it a couple of times, and it looked good. I don't know at what point things turned, but the third time I took it out, it was still wet and guessed it....FUZZY.

Bottom line: it looked worn. Like something I picked up second hand. Decidedly not something I made just for the new baby.

My advice to those lining up for Swish Superwash: machine wash it in a pillowcase on gentle if you like, but unless you want a fuzzy, used-looking sweater that's a bit smaller, then lay it flat to dry.

In the end I did steam block it and played with it quite a bit so that it doesn't look awful. My friend won't notice, and I'm sure even a knitter would be hard-pressed to figure out what I don't like about it. But I know. And that bugs me.

What bugs me more is that Blogger won't even let me post pictures of the damned thing. So if you click here for the hat and here for the sweater, you can get a looksee.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Effing Blogger.


Blogger bradyphrenia said...

that is an ADORABLE sweater set. i'm sorry that you had a bad experience with the swish, but thank you for warning the rest of us!

6:54 PM  
Anonymous Yarnit said...

That is beautiful!

11:00 PM  
Blogger turtlegirl76 said...

Aw, it's such a cute set! I love the little pompoms on the hat. Like little bear ears! Hee hee!

Sorry you had such a bad experience with it. That really sucks. But it looks great!

3:16 PM  

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