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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


What's sexier than mittens with a penis motif worked into the cuffs? Nothing, that's what.

I must give credit where credit is due. The penis motif in question is from the delightfully monikered PENISPOOPWAFFLECAKE Sock designed by Wendy Pohlhammer and available as a free Ravelry download here.

The actual penis motif is worked over five stitches, though in the original pattern she alternates the weiners with lace inserts. I cast on 35 sts and worked 7 motifs around the cuff which made ribbing that pulled the cuff in and the bobble scrotums give a nice, almost picot-like edging. From there I did a couple rows of reverse stockinette and then to switch the top to regular stockinette I just added a single column of knit stitches leading from each "head" that gradually "oozed" out into a "puddle" of straight knitting.

From there I worked a regular old thumb gusset and did the rest of the top in plain old mitten fashion.

I call my version of the pattern "Ribbed For Her Pleasure." (Though the poor thing looks kind of sad laying there all limp and unblocked in the snow.)


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