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Monday, April 10, 2006

Mittens, Palms, and High Notes

Okay, it's morning and I'm going to try to show you the other two pair of mittens I've been working on.

These first ones were made with the Lopi (yeah, the Lopi again!) and some Filatura in a burgundy with colored accents. Very rustic.

Turns out the pic of the ones I'm working on at the moment are too fuzzy and I can't get the pic to upload. Weird. Perhaps they don't want to be seen until they're done. Perhaps I'm too "busy" to troubleshoot. Eh, whatever.

So yesterday was Palm Sunday. Some backstory here, I sing in the church choir. I just started right before Lent, so I'm new to this group, but I did sing with the college choir for four years when I was at Salve. And I've been sitting in mass for years singing away, not getting involved all that much in church activities, and the choir just kept calling to me. (Figuratively, that is.) So I joined up and I'm having a great time, have met some really nice people, and I get out of the house one night a week. Which is super-important as a SAHM.

Anyway, after mass, my sister said how good we sounded on "Were You There" and "Jesus, Remember Me". Nice harmonies if I do say so myself, but it's so nice to hear from someone else. And Sister would tell me if we were hitting some clunkers. And Miss Mary Kate, a personal favorite of Father's, got to use the "holy bells" during the processional. (Those are the altar bells that used to be rung during the transubstantiation when I was a kid, but are only hauled out on really special occasions now, like Easter.) He made sure she got the really loud ones! He's the best.

So now we're in Holy Week and I'm going to be in church most evenings. We have our last rehearsal tonight before the "big weekend". I should be wiped by Sunday. But we are singing some really pretty things on Holy Thursday and Good Friday that I'm looking forward to. Our choir director worked us like dogs last week, and don't expect she's going to let up much this week. It has it's benefits; the biggest one being that we sound good. (I went to my BIL's church once and couldn't even find a melody to sing along with the hymns. I swear the organist was wearing mittens.)

I still have to get the kids Easter baskets made, clean the house, and make some candies for the choir folks at next week's rehearsal. My sister and I knit the girls matching jumpers to wear on Easter, and they're all done, so at least that's not looming over my head. Thank God for small favors!


Blogger allelejean said...

your mittens are so cute!!! I'm going to have to try to make sure this fall. I love mittens!

1:01 PM  

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