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Friday, April 14, 2006

TGIF. Sort of.

Well, it's Friday at last. Though in all fairness, when you're a SAHM, Friday and Monday are basically the same. My week never ends, though having DH around all weekend makes things easier anyway. (Read: more time to myself.)

But this weekend is Easter, and it's busy, busy, busy. I have decided I am not going to finish everything I want to do by Monday. But that's okay.

Holy Thursday mass went very well. We had a full chorus so we sounded good--at least from where I was standing--but it was so HOT in there! To quote John Wayne " enough to make a man forget his fear of hell." The choir was glistening, to say the least. Needless to say, I'm wearing short sleeves tonight. I've threatened a tube top. We shall see how warm it gets today. Oh, and it went and hour and 45 minutes.

Saturday Mary has her Daisy scouts meeting. They're going to the Build a Bear Workshop to make...well, bears. Larry's taking the girls, and I'm going to my cousin's bridal shower in the afternoon. Then the Easter Vigil mass is at 8 at night. I expect to be home sometime on Tuesday. (Okay, so I exaggerate. But I bet it'll be after midnight. You mark my words. We have 8 baptisms, count 'em, 8. And 12 confirmations, four in addition to the 8 catechumens.)

So, while I'm not singing, I'm knitting. I've been making cotton baby hat and bootie sets. They're coming out cute, I think. I'll take some pics when they're washed and blocked. Though they're a cotton/acrylic blend and should go in the washer and dryer with no problem. I may just do that. It'll either work, or it won't.

I've decided to try to sell some of my mittens and things at my friend and former boss' farm stand. I don't know if wool mittens will sell over the summer, but I've got nothing to lose, right? I've made care tags for them...cute, huh? I did try selling some stamped things and sewn items last summer and nothing sold. Still, I am undaunted!

Oh, and I made it home in time for "Freedom Summer" in the 10 Days series. It was awesome. I didn't like the Shay's Rebellion one quite as much. And A&E has a new series called "God or the Girl" premiering on Sunday night that I think I'll like. It follows four seminarians as they struggle with the decision to become priests. It looks interesting.

Ah, that's all I have time for today. I have to get ready to go to the bus stop. Whee!


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