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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Photo Evidence of My Yarny Escapades

For you doubters out there who refuse to believe that I'm actually doing anything all day long, well, I got out the camera and finally took some pictures! Mind you, it's cloudy today and they're all going to be dark, but you'll have to learn to live with it.

Today's non-knitting battle involves a toddler in a dress who has taken off her diaper twice now. She is banished from the furniture and must sit on the floor like a dog. I only wish it was acceptable to rub her nose in her "accidents".

Bah. Aaaaanyway, the first item on the list is a baby sweater I started yesterday. It is made from Bernat Softee Baby, one strand of pink and one of blue held together. The pattern (shown) is Knitting Pure and Simple "Baby Tunic". This is a charity knit project.

Second up is a discloth and a baby bib, both from Sugar and Cream cotton. I must be getting the hang of working with cotton because it no longer makes my hands ache. I have hope for it as a fiber yet. I don't know about these two. I think the bibs will be for charity and the dishcloth will be for sale. I dunno yet.

Third we have the beginnings of a lace scarf. This may or may not be continued, and I'll tell you why. Those are size one needles. That is one repeat of the pattern. I might not live to see it finished. The yarn is called "Zephyr" I think, and I got it at the NHS&W last summer. I'm just getting around to using it. If it continues that I'm not feeling the laceweight love, I may frog and destash the stuff in favor of something I'll actually knit.

My fourth project on the needles is a baby cardigan from more of that Bernat Softee baby, this time one strand and all in pink. The top is stockinette and it changes to seed stitch at the bottom. There are three buttonholes at the top so it will have a "swing" coat kind of effect. I've just started the sleeves, as you can see.

I plan to make a hat to go with it, provided I don't run out of yarn. And provided I ever finish the sleeves.

Speaking of sleeves, I'm just about done with the collar of the Guideposts sweater, and that leaves...the sleeves. Are you sensing a pattern here yet? Like I hate knitting sleeves? I don't know why. I love mittens. And what is a sleeve but a long mitten with no thumb?

I also got the drive band for my wheel in the mail yesterday and this morning I plyed all the Kool Aid yarn I had dyed last week. It's cool looking--or should I say "kool"--but it's very bulky. I'm thinking kids hats with very big needles.

I have pictures of them drying, but I'll save those for tomorrow. I also spun up a bunch of roving I ordered from Sheep Shed Studios. It's a freebie bag of black they added to my order of browns. I am really pleased with how well I did. I will have better pics tomorrow for sure.

Tonight is my class reunion meeting and I'll let you know how that goes too. See how much you have to look forward to?


Blogger Cole said...

The little sweaters are so cute!
I can't wait to see your Kool yarn.

Size #1 needles sounds very interesting. I haven't done much on that size but I have on 3 and 4s and I love knitting in the round with them -- not sure about doing anything flat with them yet.

Have fun at your meeting.

12:57 PM  
Blogger Bezzie said...

I love the Guidepost sweater!!!

6:18 AM  
Blogger Batty said...

Love the little sweaters!

If you don't like the size 1, can you do it on 3s or 4s? That's my standard lace size (I'm taking my Baltic Sea Stole down to 3s today), I really like the fabric they produce.

If the pattern just isn't grabbing you... frog, knit something else.

7:51 AM  

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