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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cream Cheese in a Can

Have you had it? Have you seen it? I hadn't heard of such a thing, but it seems that the good folks at Kraft that brought you soft cheese in all flavors in a can with a fluted nozzle so that you can make pretty designs on your crackers have branched out into cream cheese. You can squirt it right on your zucchini bread and make pretty designs with it.

Tastes good to me. And a lot easier to deal with than trying to spread cold cream cheese on fresh, soft zucchini bread. And you can make pretty swirls and designs and things.

Speaking of pretty designs and things, here's a sneaky peek at the bag I'm making. The stitch is called something like "purl-twist stitch" or something to that effect. It shows off the homespun nicely, I think. No more pics until it's done, though. Yesterday, I had a bunch of packages to mail. I sent off those Hats for Alex to Pam and I sent the blue baby sweater to my cousin in Maryland. And I finally got my SP package together and sent that off too.

And what did I get? My own SP package! Oh, I do love getting mail! Especially yarny mail!

I got four balls of WOTA, two in Black Cherry Heather and two in Amber Heather. They actually look really nice together and I may use them as such.
Oh, I am so spoiled! I've wanted this book since BEFORE it was published! And now it's mine, all mine, I tell ya! I tossed my knitting aside unceremoniously, plopped myself down in my comfy chair and read it straight through cover to cover. It's brilliant. Funny, super-informative, and chock full of patterns all for Big Girls. I love, love, LOVE it.

I only wish Bug was home for this part. She loves the memory game and she'll be tickled pink by this one. (She's with friends in Maine until tomorrow. I miss her.) I bet she'll want to play the second she sees it!

I'm still working on my Malabrigo scarf. It's slow going because I hate knitting scarves...while I love the final results. And I cast on for a sweater for Bug yesterday. I know I said I planned to use all that washable wool from Joanns for baby stuff, but I decided to do a sweater for Bug with colorwork and a lacy one for Bobo. It's been awhile since they've had something new from Mama.

Thank you SP!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so happy you liked it!!!
:) I thought that yarn looked good together too - that was one of the first things I thought when I got it.

Your SP.
(And a dumb SP at that, I totally almost wrote my blog title in when I went to log in!)

4:44 PM  

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