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Monday, August 13, 2007

And Now I Can Breathe Again

I spent all week knittin' and visitin'. In that order, and that doesn't include washin', blockin', finishin' and taggin', so I've been busy! Not neglectful--busy! Here's some shots of my table from the craft fair at the church on Old Home Day. I didn't make gobs of money, but I never do on OHD. In the picture above you can see my chair and ever-present knitting bag. There's a laundry rack that has hats of all shapes and sizes pinned to it. To the left of the rack are the remnants of my rubberstamping days. I've sold most of my cards and all but a few of my notepads. There are still a few mini-scrapbooks left too. Folks like the magnets a lot though. And I'd sure like to sell the rest of the quilted hangings and pillows someday. I'm tired of packing them up. I might clearance them at the Christmas fair to make room for new stock.
New stock like sweaters! My sister knit the little blue baby one with the silver clasp. I think it's just adorable. It's made from Debbie Bliss cotton cashmere, and I love how it looks so much that I'm making one for my cousin/classmate who just had a baby boy. It's splitty, though, I'll warn you now. She got a bunch of it on ebay at ridiculously low prices and gave me three balls of a darker blue for my sweater. Sisters are the best, especially mine.

I have a friend/lady from church who wants the green sweater custom madei n a size 6 for a Christmas present. I can do that.

Up there you'll see my collection of felted change purses and another sweater. There are two apples (with ladybug buttons on the leaf!) and a flower (with a button center!) and three striped ones left. Everyone likes them, but no one buys them. C'mon...they're cheap at twice the price!
Finally, Dad's mitten trees in action. The one on the left has all my mittens on it, and the one on the right has mini bags, socks, and whatever else will hang up and out of the way. I sold the handpainted merino legwarmers that I made for a custom order on etsy. Remember those? The one's that didn't look right so she returned them? Well, they're gone, and I officially recouped the money I put into the yarn. So there.

I sold one felted bag, but they got a ton of notice. Again, not super expensive, so why not buy one? I don't get it. People in Belmont are cheap, that's why. And it's why stuff flew off the table in Canterbury. Big hit in Belmont? Dishcloths. 'Nuff said.

But now I can stop thinking about craft fairs for awhile. I have a line on one for October, and the church fair in November, and that should be plenty. Oh, and my table was right next to my neighbor just up the street on the corner. She does heirloom sewing (gorgeous stuff!) and she said she has stuff on consignment at a cafe/coffeeshop/gift shop in Gilford. We're going to go up one afternoon for tea and she'll introduce me to the owner and I can show her my stuff. She thinks the quilted bags would sell really well there. Although the owner takes 25%, which I consider a lot. Really, for that kind of a cut I could join the League of NH Craftsmen and get some serious exposure.

My spinning has suffered these past weeks, but I'm going to go off to do some right now. I have some lovely purple merino that I'm doing for my SP and I want to make sure it's done for her last package. I need One More Thing for her August box and I can send it off.

This week has been a social one too. First, we got invited to my friend Matthew's house for a cookout. He had a bunch of us over that used to hang together in a group in HS to see our buddy Corey before he heads back to Colorado. And while there, my Supercrush Steve invited us to their house for a cookout on Saturday night. Which we went to and had a great time. And then last night we had a cookout (it's all about not heating up the kitchen, people) here with Sister and Baboo and my Dad. We had steak tips on the grill and NH corn that you couldn't beat with a stick.

And what does today hold? With luck, not a damn thing. I've earned a day off! I'll finish blogging, check my emails again, maybe take a spin 'round the knittyboard, and then I don't know. I could clean something. I will work on that blue sweater a bit today. It's nice to not have to do anything.

*contented sigh*


Blogger Bezzie said...

Nice mitten tree!! If you're the Queen of Mittens what does that make your dad? I'm not real good with royal lineage.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Penny Karma said...

The archduke of socks?

WOW - I'd shop at your booth.

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dearest poops,

I haven't forgotten you. I've been in the midst of life change! I caught up on your blog, and boy you have been knitting up a storm!!

Your next package is waiting on one more thing, and then it'll come your way!!

Your Secret Pal

4:27 PM  

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