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Monday, September 24, 2007

I Need an Escape!

Did you ever just feel the need to get the hell away from the people you love? Yeah, I'm having a morning like that.

It started with Bobo being up half the night and Mr. Poops flipping out about it. And of course his non-existent self-esteem makes him refuse to just hand her to me, who is calm and peaceful, and insisting on taking care of her himself, even though the yelling and slamming doors and raging around the house like a wounded bear is making NOTHING better. Because to admit that he can't do anymore would be admitting he was a bad parent or something.


Naturally, due to lack of sleep, Bobo is cranky already. This is going to be a fun day.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Before my weekend ended on a low note, it started very promising. I got a sweater and hat done (or nearly so). Here it is. Here's the hat anyway. I liked the sweater so much, I whipped out a matching hat.
Here's the sweater, sans buttons. I picked some pretty basic pink ones. They'll go one one of these days. No rush, my cousin's not due until November some time.
Here's the set together. It's made from Tahki Willow in a variegated pink and white. The pattern is a simple raglan top down thingy and the lace pattern is "razor shell" from BW's First Treasury.
I made some yarn last week too. It's way prettier than this picture shows. And again, I wish you could reach out and feel it. This one is a merino/silk blend. Kind of tricky to spin, but the colors are so pretty. It's a lighter blue than in the pic, with lots of white and purple bits in it. And did I mention how soft it is?

Unfortunately, there are no good close ups today because the old camera which has the macros function for such details is not working properly, though I hope to have it working later. So I had to use the new camera with no macros, and it has a sucky flash and gets blurry if you get closer than 3 feet from your subject.

I really need a GOOD camera. One of these day, I guess.

So, my weekend.

Friday was lovely out and we had a cookout at my friend Steve's house. Lots of friends from HS there and our families and kids. (One of my buddies, Matthew, is expecting twins next month. Well, his wife Sarah's doing all the work, but you know what I mean. I'm making them sweaters and hats that look like pumpkins! Ordered the yarn last night...I sure hope it's as pumpkiny as it looked on the monitor.)

Saturday was a road trip to Patternworks! I only got a few single skeins to try out. I got some funky striped sock yarn to make some funky striped socks for the Bug, a random sale skein of baby Cashmerino to make baby hats for charity, and three new ones that I've yet to try. I got some Plymouth Boku, which looks and feels suspiciously like Noro Silk Garden. I picked up some Berocco Jasper, ultrafine merino and just lovely. If it wasn't so expensive, I'd buy this again. And a random ball of Karaoke because I love the striping and the finished look of it. It's really pretty and fun to play with.

Then I went to Joanns for buttons and some other stuff to top off my last SP package to get it in the mail. I got some more random clearance yarn there too. Kind of fun stuff, and nothing I'd pay full price for, but to crank out some more baby hats and just dick around with, interesting if nothing else.

On Sunday I did some more spinning. I'm working on some leftover white mill ends from Sheep Shed Studios. It's the first roving I bought to practice on, and this is leftover because it was a big, fat piece and a bunch of short pieces that at the time I was learning I didn't feel confident about joining seamlessly. I've no such problems now, and I'm trying to get it really thin so that I might dye it up and make some more funky socks for the Bug. (She got new Mary Janes for school and they scream for funky, handknit socks.)

And then I was all happy wrapped in my quilt playing with my new yarn and watching Ken Burns' The War on PBS when Mr. Poops storms downstairs with Screeching Bobo in tow and starts yelling at me how he'd been up three times with her and he's HAD IT! with her...I took her, hugged her and said "Go back to bed, I'll change her and bring her back up."


"It's okay, really. You're tired. Just go back to bed, I'll take care of it."


"No. Go back to bed."


"When I've had enough, I tell you I've had enough, and I give her to you to deal with. You need to do that now. Go back to bed."

(Throws the clean diaper at me and misses by a mile. The man couldn't hit water if he fell out of a fucking boat.) "FINE. I DON'T SEE WHY IT'S OKAY FOR YOU TO GET MAD AND I CAN'T....." (This trails off upstairs, yelling and stamping the whole way, slams the bedroom door.)

I get Bo changed and she tells me she's cold, so she sits on my lap wrapped up and we watch The War together for a bit. She calms down and stops crying. I hear Himself trying to get the bedroom door open, which he's slammed shut and now can't get open because it sticks and I smirk to myself at his own stupidity, half hoping he'll be trapped in there until January when the doors stop swelling.

He comes down, apparently all calmed down now, and says very sweetly to Bobo, "Come on, I'll tuck you back in." I tell her 'no more fussing, go back to sleep,' and she goes back up. I did get up with her one more time, but she went right back to sleep.

He'd never hit the kids and he certainly wouldn't dare lift a finger against me (mostly because he knows I'd kill him and hide the body where no one would ever find it--I watch a lot of CSI...), but when he goes all middle-of-the-night ragey, I just can't stand him. And it's not that I don't start to lose my shit when I've been up with Bobo three times before 11 pm, but like I said, I have sense enough to know when I've had ENOUGH and I hand her off to the calmer parent.

He seems to see my offer to step in and take over as a criticism of his ability to parent instead of the tag-team effort that I meant it to be.

He hasn't called from work to apologize yet, so I half suspect that he hasn't realized that he was completely irrational last night and I'm going to have to point it out when he gets home. Which should go over like a fart in church. But he'll get it...eventually.

As I put the period on that last sentence, Sister calls to tell me she had a dream last night that I went on tour again, and she had to take me to the bus which apparently was leaving from somewhere in Massachusetts. She said she asked me in the dream if I was going to miss my kids, and I said I'd miss the idea of them, but not them exactly. Then she said she was going with me but there were no more open bunks left open and no room for her clothes so she had to go home. And she said she cried and cried that I was leaving her.

Hmmmm, random dream or premonition? I really could use a vacation from my life. Anyone with me on this?


Blogger Pinkwool said...

I hear you loud and clear! I get the same way and I think being at home with the chilluns everyday makes it even harder. Having a 3 yo doesnt help matters either since that age is pure hell. We are on our way back from hell but sometimes we go back for a short visit.

I'm usually the one to hand off to my husband being that I am the first line of defense, with the baby anyway. We always had this hour and a half rule that after futzing witht he baby for an hour and a half, you hand the baby to the other parent and go to another room. That rule still works and even though I am a stay at home mom, my sleep is just as important as his.

I had to chuckle when I read the part about your hubby slamming himself in the bedroom, totally something I'd do when I'm pissy.

Doesn't a dark, quiet hotel room for 3 days, ALONE, sound like heaven? Sure does to me!!

10:37 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

I don't know about the dream, but I definitely get the whole family thing with husband and kids who pop up and so on. And wanting a vacation from them all every now and then. Hang in there.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Penny Karma, aka the F-Bomb Mom said...

It's almost like you bugged my house and wrote down the transcript.

As long as one or the other of us it the relatively more stable parent, we're ok. I mean, we're not the Federlines or anything.

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they had to do half the things women did, we'd be in trouble.


-your secret pal

6:48 PM  

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