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Monday, July 13, 2009

Mutually Assured Destruction

So, y'all know how I still live in the same house in which I grew up, my motto being "If you live at home long enough, your parents will move out"?

Apparently, in some parts of existence, this is an odd occurrence. Some people find themselves elsewhere, some people run and never look back, and some people have to go where their heart or career or the wind takes them. There are people in my acquaintance who cannot fathom living in the same small town their whole life.

Luckily for me, many of my closest friends did not find this to be the case. With few exceptions, my buddies live in the same town, sometimes in the same house, right next door, or a mere few miles from where they grew up. We hang out together and have cookouts, our kids play together and go to school together--we still get along after all these years. We get together often enough--though it never does seem to be often enough--to continue making our history and not merely living in it.

So, a friend from HS who did get away from NH came home for a visit this past weekend. I told her (via the Facebook) that should she find herself in NH to give us a heads up and we'd get the gang together to hang out and catch up.

She did, and we did.

If there's one bad thing about getting together with my friends it's that I laugh so hard that it hurts. It doesn't matter how often we get together, or how seldom, we always have a great time.

What those of us who grew up together found out a few years back is that we all know something about someone that his or her spouse or children doesn't know. Amongst ourselves, the stories are the stuff of legend. The kind of stories that only get better with each retelling. The kind of stories that twenty years later could destroy marriages, damage careers, and cause mental scarring in those of a tender age. I'm not even sure that the statute of limitations has run out on some things.

I could keep you people in stitches for months with the things we did back in the day. Unfortunately for you, though, I have signed a pact of Mutually Assured Destruction. Well, not signed. It was more of a pinky swear kind of thing. Or maybe we just drank to it. I forget.

We're like the Superpowers during the cold war. Each of us has our finger on the button and is capable of raining down destruction from the skies. But we know the other guy has nukes too, and won't hesitate to fire back and go down fighting. And we have no problem with taking out the rest of the planet with us.

My friends are terrified that I have a blog.

And secrets.

And a penchant for exaggeration...or call it"embellishment", if you will.

And that I'm afraid I'll have a stroke someday from all the truly scandalous information I'm storing in my mental hard drive.

No worries, my friends. Your secrets are safe with me. Unless, of course, you shoot first, in which case it's going to be Global Thermonuclear War.

How about a nice game of chess?


Blogger Bezzie said...

"There are people in my acquaintance who cannot fathom living in the same small town their whole life."<---ME! Actually I can fathom it, I just can't fathom ME doing it.

But that's OK, it sounds like your cookie is throughly flipped, and that's all that matters right?

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poops; you have made me laugh so hard tonight the Chuckster asked what the hell was so damn funny on the computer. (Always keep em'guessing I say) Too funny. xoxox; Meals.

10:18 PM  
Blogger SiressYorkie said...

*jealous* I would LOVE to have a group of friends I could pick up with any time in my home town.

Unfortunately I would rather eat a bag of compost than live in my home town again.

I'm glad you had an awesome certainly deserve it, after all that rain, being ill, and dealing with ill children too! Sounds like the sun came out in more than one way...

5:03 AM  

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