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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Could It Be?

I just erased a blog post so boring it actually hurt.

Here it is, Reader's Digest version.

1. Kids are sick with two colds and one bladder infection. I'm coming down with aforementioned cold. Bladder is fine, thanks.

2. Roofing guy assures me that as soon as it stops motherfucking raining, he'll be buy to slap a roof on the dump.

3. It has stopped motherfucking raining for the moment, but thunderstorms and spot showers appear to be in the forecast for the next five days. Still, some sun is better than none.

That was much more efficient.

Okay onto the fun stuff.

I like to write, and sometimes I manage to come up with something other than a blog post so boring it makes the angel's weep. My problem with creative writing is that I never know what to write about. Well, did you know that if you Google "writing prompts" you will get just that? Seriously, it's true!

I entered a writing contest last month, squeaking in just by the deadline. The top prize is 500 UK pounds, which is a bit more than 800 bucks. A nice chunk of change, if I win. If not, it's nice to be writing stuff again.

So this cool writing prompt site I found, you roll your cursor over the numbers and a wee blurb pops up to tell you what to write. I closed my eyes, rolled my cursor and where it landed, that's my prompt.

My current assignment is "Write about the metaphor 'a plate of fear'."

Story in progress.

Anyway, while I was looking for writing prompts, I found this really cool thing called Wordle.

Here's what you do. Find something you've written, or someone else has written. Cut and paste the text into the Wordle box and hit "go". It makes this really cool collage of the words in the story, or paragraph, or chapter, or poem, or whatever you've cut and pasted. The more often a word is used, the bigger the word. The less it's used the smaller. And you can pick the font, the colors, the layout, all that stuff.

It's supposed to be a tool for writers to see how often they use certain words in their writing, but I think it just makes really cool collages.

Here's one I did:

Wordle: We the People

Happy Birthday, America!


Blogger Trillian42 said...

That's just cool! Happy Independence Day!

9:54 AM  
Blogger Bezzie said...


5:02 PM  
Blogger SiressYorkie said...

No, Wordle!

Sorry to hear your youngins are krank, esp. the bladder infection. I had those almost chronically from the time I was 6 until I was around 11...was ALWAYS on antibiotics and having elaborate tests done. They're wretched, and girls always seem to get them.

I hear ya about the rain. Yesterday was the first time I've gone out into the garden for two weeks. All my plants have drowned and smell like marsh gas, and what didn't drown was being devoured by the most MASSIVE slugs I have ever seen. I've now lost 90% of everything I've planted.

Hubby filled an old frying pan with beer and set it out last night...this morning, six victims. I just keep thinking, DIE, MF'ers, DIE!

3:16 AM  

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