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Friday, June 12, 2009

Now That I'm Done Ranting

I believe I shall regale you with some knitting content.

First, you can all be jealous of the sweet little set Auntie Meal scored for a friend of hers with a new baby. It's the pink cabled hoodie cardigan from my shop, only I jazzed it up a bit.

I added a small patch on one of the sleeves with two small bunnies on it, one facing front and one facing back.

Why, you ask?

Because she commissioned a pair of my Baybee Bootayz to go with it, but I'm out of that exact pink and can't get any more. So I said, "How about a white pair with pink soles and ribbon ties and I'll embroider wee white bunnies on the soles instead?"


She's also interested in my latest pair of felted embroidered slippers which I didn't even get to list in the shop. If they fit her, they're hers. If not, well you still might have a shot at them. I'm also working on another pair of teal ones right now.

The only things I actually got listed in the shop today are six small amulet/poultice/keepsake drawstring bags. I wanted to make one for myself to keep my rosary beads in, when I got the idea of making a bunch of them from scrap yarn. I put a nice satin cord on and a wee charm to decorate, and BOOM! How cute is that?

Finally, I've got a baby sweater ready to block. It's a baby kimono in about a size 24 month/2T or so.

So that should catch you up on my knitting for awhile. I'm also thinking quite seriously of entering the Knittyspin contest they're having over at Knitty this month. I like the Spunky Eclectic fibers and I sort of have a project for handspun in mind.

Something is telling me to DOOOO EEEEETTTT, so you see, I must.


Blogger Batty said...

Ooooh, cute! You're setting off my biological clock bigtime!

8:02 AM  
Blogger Kaye said...

Dude, I'm surprised Batty hasn't bought your Batty booties on etsy!! *LOVE* those. I need someone to announce to me they're having a boo baby!

9:53 AM  
Blogger SiressYorkie said...

I love those wee amulet bags...just the thing for holding tiny pygmy skulls.

Those embroidered booties are too're so talented!

2:36 AM  

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