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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kind of Anti-Climactic

That's a hard word to spell.

From the annals (is that right? I'm so used to subbing "anals" as a joke that the real spelling escapes me. Yeah, I could look it up. Perhaps later.) of Low Carb Living, I have to report that I have found the food item that might just save my life. And my diet.

Karb Krunchers Bagels.

Mmm, mmm, good. Not gritty, not soy-y (soyish? soyful? soyriffic?), just warm and kind of nutty tasting. Not a NYC bagel, but I didn't spit it out. And since I crave something bready in the morning, this was just the ticket. I'm soooooo tired of eggs and meat first thing in the morning. I just can't do it. I don't even eat breakfast until mid-morning because I cannot gag anything high protein down at 7:30.

Enter the bagel and a renewed commitment to reduced carb living. I'm done with the Atkins induction phase so I can cautiously add in a bit of carbs here and there, five grams at a time, as long as I keep losing weight. When I reach max carbs for weight loss, thats how many carbs I can have. So at 5.7 grams per bagel, these are just the ticket.

Of course I'm going to cheat wholeheartedly on Saturday. I bought tickets to the church spaghetti supper. Yes, spaghetti. With Phyllis Shoemaker's homemade rolls that you'd gladly sell an arm to eat. And probably a table groaning with desserts. I can't decide if I should be cautious, fill up on salad and pick at the pasta, or just say "Screw it!" and eat carbs until I either faint or require an insulin injection. I was saving that binge for Easter day, but people, it's spaghetti!

I will need all my willpower on Saturday. Send out those willpower vibes, please.

And good news on the laundry front: the dryer is fixed! Apparently, the inside of the dryer gets filled with excess lint that doesn't get trapped by your lint filter and eventually will cause your thermal fuse to blow. It cost me 16.22 for the fuse and 132.oo for the guy who knows how to replace it. The good news is that the nice man showed me how to take the front off the dryer and remove the bottom piece that holds the lint trap so that I can stick the vacuum in there from time to time and prevent it happening again. Seems he's not allowed to show me that for liability reasons, so I shall not give his name here. I suspect it's less about liability and more about being able to collect nearly 150 smackers from homeowners who can't figure out how to clean the dryer and prevent the thermal fuse from blowing.

All's well that ends well.

Today is starting well. It's already 40 degrees at 8:00 in the morning. Yesterday afternoon it was 70 degrees on my porch. C'mon Spring! We're ready for you! You've broken the back of winter! The snow is melting like a mofo and my driveway is a mudbog. It does the heart good.

In knitting news, since this is a knitting blog after all, I'm working on a small cotton baby sweater for the shop. It's done with Knitpicks Shine Sport and as much as I hate knitting cotton (hard on the hands, dontcha know), this is really nice to work with. It's nice and smooth and shiny and the sweater is so cute. I'm kind of glad I didn't make this any bigger because I'd be tempted to keep it for Bobo. Come to that, I may make her one anyway. Maybe in a pullover instead of a cardigan.

Pictures tomorrow. I should be able to finish this puppy today. Because I'm all about the instant gratification.


Blogger Batty said...

I find low carb/no carb really hard to do. Warm, fresh bread is my friend and the one thing I can't imagine living without. Being allergic to soy doesn't help things either. But here is something worse than low carb: no food. It's the diet they put you on if you have acid reflux or an ulcer: no fatty foods, no sweet foods, no spicy foods, no salty foods, no chocolate, no caffeine or alcohol...

Yay for soy bagels!

8:41 AM  

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