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Monday, February 26, 2007

Let the Knitstorm Commence!

I got the yarn for the Easter sweaters yesterday. Schlepped all the way to Center Harbor to come back with...


Yep. Reynolds Utopia in "cotton candy" pink. 100% courelle acrylic.

We looked at every yarn we deemed appropriate to the project. We rejected cotton (though the Cotton Twist ran a very close second) because of it's tendency to pull downwards in that weight. And you don't want a bolero pulling at the hem. Not cool. We rejected most wools because of the "fuzzy" factor. Such a summery light dress would be overpowered by a wintery sweater. We liked washable wools, only none were the right color. Finally, we landed on the acrylic. Right color, right gauge, machine washable, bouncy, not too squeaky and very soft...well, acrylic it is!

We both swatched last night and we both have to go down two needle sizes to get gauge, but I got going on my bolero last night and it's coming along swimmingly. I don't know if I'm mastering my stockingette knit flat or if the yarn is really as forgiving as it seems, but my rowing out issues seem to be minimized on this project. Which is good since it's knit almost entirely flat.

So far, Bug's bolero looks good. I like it. I just hope it's not enormous on her. Debbie Bliss tends to design on the baggy side. Cross your fingers.

I did break my own Lenten fast about not working on Sunday by listing a bunch of stuff in my etsy store. Many new mittens are up and I'm hoping for some late winter sales. I made up for working yesterday by playing cards with Bug and Larry T.

Today, after having an amazing lunch at Canoe whilst shopping yesterday, I start my Atkins Induction phase. I've been dieting lowcarb for the past two weeks, and after indulging a bit this weekend, I'm going hardcore for the next two weeks. I wasn't doing well with the other plan. Too many carbs. So Atkins it is. It works well for me.

Bobo's birthday party was Saturday afternoon. It was an intimate gathering and we had a lovely time. Emma didn't nap either Friday or Saturday and kept me up half the night Saturday night. Of course it was because I had to sing on Sunday. You watch. I don't have to cantor for the next three weeks. I bet you dollars to donuts she sleeps like a rock all three weeks. She is the very devil, that one.

Oh, and I had some cake. It was delicious.


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