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Monday, June 30, 2008

In All the Excitement, I Nearly Missed a Milestone

I was reminded yesterday that I failed to blog about the extravaganza that was the Bug's 8th birthday! It came and went with nary a blog mention!

It was celebrated in grand fashion as always, and by pleading for my induction on Tuesday I was able to be home and feeling rested (mostly) for the party on Sunday. When he talked about not inducing me until Friday, I admit I panicked a bit. There were way to many people coming to my house on Sunday for me to be still in the hospital!

As it was, I hadn't really thought out the food part too much before going in on Tuesday, so while I was getting my epidural and my support team waited in the hall, they planned the menu for me. Which worked out and left me little to do in the way of party prep when I got home.

Turns out that Bug's birthday party day was the hottest day of the summer. And humid, which really makes it all worse, doesn't it?

Baboo, in spectacular Baboo style, arranged for the entertanment. This year we got to enjoy a bouncy house! They come and set it up and take it down at the end of the party, and the kids bounced all day long, so if you're thinking of getting one, it's well worth the money. Plus, to make it even sweeter, he rented a popcorn machine too. And as all the kids loved the popcorn, we didn't really have to feed them.

As if the bouncy house and popcorn machine weren't enough, to keep them from overheating my mom's friend Kathy sent the girls a new Slip 'n Slide as a "Big Sister" gift, and that ran almost non-stop all day too. They'd go from the bouncy house to the S&S to the wading pool (from Tanta) and back again all day, stopping for drinks and the occasional bag of popcorn or piece of cake.
I'm not a bad mother for not taking more pictures of the party. Here's Bug and Bo and Bug's best friend posing with their complementary Red Sox inflatable bat that they rode down the S&S like a pony. DH took this one and I didn't get any, but between seeing to the guests and keeping an eye on Dave to make sure he wasn't overheating (or me), I didn't have much time. Oh, and I certainly tried to sit and rest myself as well, being all of four days post-partum at the time. Not to worry, though. The day was documented by other family members. I just don't have their memory cards handy at the mo.

Check the pose on Bobo. Honestly, I fully expect to see her in a magazine someday. One can only hope it's Vogue and not Hustler...


Blogger SiressYorkie said...

I think little girls in bathing suits are absolutely adorable. And I mean that in the utmost non-molesting way. I've yet to see a little girl in a swim suit looking's almost like wearing nothing at all.

3:08 PM  
Blogger Penny Karma said...

Oh, that is SOOOOO Sixteen Candles.

Bug: "They f*cking forgot my birthday!!!"

11:23 AM  

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