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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The End of an Era

I don't know if I mentioned it here or not, but my Local Yarn Shop (LYS), The Yarn Shop is closing its doors for good, probably at the end of this weekend. It's sad. I learned to knit there, and the owner was a friend of mine before she passed away. Hence, the closing.

But all is not gloom and doom. I've been going in for the going out of business sales about once a week for the past week, and I think Tuesday was my last visit. There was almost nothing left, but lookee what I got for the Stash:

There is 13 skeins of Encore Chunky (keep reading...more about those later) and three of Encore Worsted, three Marks and Kattens MiXiT which I've already earmarked for a scarf, three different skeins of Dale Heilo, a Plymouth Bulky something or other, and a random skein of sock yarn in dark green and a random skein of Alpaca, also in green. Oh, and five skeins of Marks and Kattens wool blend in a heathered grey. Plus this giant hank of teal yarn that I have no idea what it is, what the weight is, or how much is there. But it's mine! All Mine! And I got two copies of Baby Knits Two, Nursery Rhyme Knits, Folk Hats, and Norse Strikkedesign. Plus another Monkeysuits pattern and an extra skein of heinous green for the Poncho From Hell. Oh, and some sew in tags that say "made by Mom" and the like.

Guess how much I paid for all of that? Go on, guess. Thirty-two dollars. For no less than thirty skeins of yarn and five hardcover books.

Not a bad days haul.

Now, I have a lot of Plymouth Encore Chunky in color number 1382--Sunny--which is a bright sunshiny yellow. I don't need eleven skeins of the stuff and I'd love to trade it if someone has some skeins of the Encore Chunky in other colors and could use some yellow. Let me know.

But now I have to take 32 bucks off the amount I was going to get to take to the Wool Festival this weekend. I guess I can live with that!


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