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Thursday, April 20, 2006

For the love of Fug.

I'm still "unravelling" the dilemma of what to do with the Poncho from Hell. I showed this picture to MK and she liked it, and said I could add yellow and green to it. So I was thinking of making her an Andean-inspired poncho in the vibrant colors favored in the Altiplano region.

"Here a unique knitting style uses a design system dating from pre-Columbina Incan
times. The complex, tightly patterned motifs in a basketful of bright
colors reveal how heavily the local weaving influences the knitting."

And if I have extra yarn perhaps some mittens and a chullo to wear with it.

So she thinks these are pretty and I like the idea of her having a "folk" poncho rather than just a fugly one.

And I get to go back for some more yarn shopping!

I'm making great strides on the cotton sweater for her as well. Finished the back and got the bottom pattern done on the front. The rest is just straight stockinette, then ribbed collars and armholes. Whee! Oh, and this is what it will look like finished...the one on the right. Except instead of blue I'm using that salmon pink Crystal Palace Premiere that is so hard on my hands but so soft all knitted up.

Perhaps whilst Emma naps, I shall knit. You think?

I also started on my knitting journal last night. (Thanks again, guys!) I printed out pictures of all the stuff I made that I have pictures of. Alas, I gave away a bunch of things without documenting. But, what I have, I printed and taped into the book. I noted the yarns I used and the patterns and any changes I made to it. Later today I'll go through my yarns and cut some samples of the actual yarns to put in as well. Someday when I'm dead my kids will either think this is so cool or they'll shake their head at my pathological need to keep everything.


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