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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Yard Work, Days One and Two

Day One.

Dad came down and together we built my new front steps. Notice they are in front of the front door, where front steps ought to be. Years ago, when Ma and Dad renovated the kitchen, they moved the front door. It used to be where that V-shaped tool hanging on the wall is. But the steps are concrete reinforced by big rocks. So the steps didn't move with the door. No big deal.

Well, the steps started to crumble and now we need new ones. So we built wooden ones. They have 2 inch treads and should last a lifetime or so. We're also replacing the porch boards when the steps are done.

As you can see in the second photo, they are very sturdy. We put bricks under the bottom step to prevent sinking.

I've had to dig up my irises, and they are waiting for a transplant as soon as the old steps are gone. We're going to replace the lattice and trim on the front too, of course. Then the floorboards will go down. Dad decided on 6 and 8 inch boards alternating. I think I'm going to keep the stair treads and the porch either natural wood or stain them grey, I haven't decided yet. The rest of the house is white with white trim so not much help there. I'm going to paint the facings on the stairs and the railings...oh, I forgot to say that we're going to put railings on the stairs and between the porch posts. Those'll be white too.


Day Two.

Dad came down with the heavy equipment. A splitting maul. You can see it in the third photo sitting on the crumbling porch. We basically banged and hammered and smacked away at the step until the concrete crumbled and we were able bit by bit to take out the rocks that reinforce it. If I had to guess, I'd say the maul weighs about twenty pounds or so. Could be more even. Dad could take a few mighty swings at it at a time and did most of the damage, and I could take even fewer. Besides, my arm was still stiff from driving 4 inch nails into the stair treads.

We did all the damage we could do on the top step and the plan is for him to come down today and take care of step number two. Why one of us didn't lose a toe--or an eye--is beyond me. Safety goggles? We don't need no stinking safety goggles. Oh, and did I mention that I worked in my Ugg slippers yesterday? I have my shoes on today. Now that I have clean socks.

So basically, I'm praying for rain. Get with me on this and start doing a rain dance that the skies open up before eleven or so. Because I really want a day off from the working and all. Please!

*Emma, by the way, loves her new steps and did not have to be bribed with a cookie to pose for a picture with our work in progress.


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