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Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's Unlike Me, Really

Unlike me to have so many unfinished projects going at the same time! I never added any of those progress bars because I finish things so quickly. I make small stuff usually, so there's no point.

But I have a cotton baby sweater that's waiting for my Knitpicks order to come later today so I can finish it. I needed just a bit of aquamarine to finish the sleeves. I even got the buttons on already!

Then there's a second cotton sweater that will use up the bits leftover from the first two sweaters as soon as said Knitpicks order comes in with more tan yarn for the base color.

Then there's the merino sweater for Bobo that needs a sleeve and a collar of some sort. I got a lot of work done on that yesterday.

And there's the legwarmers for a customer. I'm four inches into the second one and plan to get most of it knit today, if not all.


We're on a two-hour delay today because of last night's freezing rain. It's going to warm up later; the sun is trying desperately to come out, and I think it's going to succeed before too much longer. So I can sit and enjoy my coffee before dragging ass down to the bus stop.

In other knitting news, I have signed up to play swapping gifty games with some of my fellow Knittyheads. First, I signed up on the Random Act of Kindness (or RAK) thread. You just post a list of things you don't have that you'd like and if someone is feeling generous they might see that list and send you something that they have just out of the blue.

In the spirit of the thing, as soon as I posted my "I Wants" I picked two recipients for my own giving pleasure. Both packages are going to the UK, so before I send them out I want to make sure I've included everything I wanted to go in there.

And that same week, another knitter picked me and is sending some odds and ends from her worsted wool stash, and a bed rail to keep Bobo in her big bed, once we set it up that is.

I also signed up for the Spring Fling Secret Pal or (SP) round. With SP you sign up and fill out a questionnaire about yourself. Then you're assigned a SP, while you yourself are assigned to another SP. You shower them with love and goodies during the SP period, and your SP does the same to you. Everyone plays, everyone wins!

Hooray for my knitters and their kindness! If I didn't have them out there to talk to everyday I'd go crazy for sure. How much of being stuck in the house with no car and a toddler can one person take?

In other news, we're singing very hard getting ready for Holy Week. This Sunday is the fifth of Lent, then next week is Palm Sunday, and then the marathon of churchiness starts on Thursday. Holy Thursday features the presentation of holy oil at the beginning of the mass and the washing of the feet in the middle. And that's the day we transfer the Eucharist out of the church and into the downstairs chapel for adoration. And to get it out of there on Good Friday.

Then Good Friday, our second biggest music mass of the week. During the veneration of the cross we sing five pieces in a row. It's taxing.

Of course the Easter Vigil is the biggest and bestest of all the masses. It starts at 8 and usually gets over just before midnight or so. We sing, and sing, and sing some more. This year I'm cantoring one of the seven psalms, and I have a section of the Litany of Saints. I made it a point not to raise my hands for any solos for anything else. I have enough to worry about with learning pieces I'm familiar with, nevermind taking on anything new.

Then after Easter, we have Confirmation on Tuesday of Easter week. Like we won't be tired enough from Holy Week, we're hosting thirty-something of the area's fifteen year olds as they're confirmed by the bishop. In our church. It'll be a song heavy mass too, three in a row during the actual confirmations, though the verses of the songs are mostly solos. I like when other people have solos. Less for me to learn!

I think I'll go rummage around now and see what else I have for my British RAK buddies. A CD just caught my eye...


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