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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mittens in Arizona?

Hmmm, I thought I 'splained that.

See, there's this company based in Arizona that does interactive art installations in libraries. They are called Burgeon Group and if you follow the link you can see all kinds of the things that they do. My mittens are going to be part of a measuring wall, where kids can measure themselves using all sorts of everyday objects. Including mittens.

Anyway, I originally knit them 12 different kid-sized, kid-colored mittens and they were a hit. Apparently they needed more, so she asked if I could do 8 more for them in a quick hurry. (She said I could name my price, but I charged her the same per mitten as the first 12 because I feel it would be bad karma to overcharge her just because she's in a hurry. It's no skin off my nose. I can knit a mitten lickety-split and I enjoy it.)

What a good gig for the Mitten Queen! And there's no SMS (Second Mitten Syndrome). For non-knitters, that's a version of the dreaded SSS, or Second Sock Syndrome, where you make one sock but can't seem to make yourself start (or finish) the second one. I don't make many socks, but I get it with mittens from time to time.

And she's promised me pictures of the finished installation so that I can brag that I'm an artist! I work in mittens the way some artists work in oils.

Anyway, I'm more than halfway done with the second order, so I'll make the July 18th deadline with no problem. And speaking of karma, you know as soon as I told her I'd make the mittens for the same price as the last batch, I sold a cotton sweater and a bowl from my etsy shop. I swear to you it's all connected in some big cosmic motherboard.

So that's what I'm working on in the knitting world.

Yesterday was, of course, the Glorious Fourth. We did next to nothing all day long and at night went to Baboo's sister's house for fireworks. Her neighborhood has a small private beach and her block organization put on a small display there, and then we went back up to the house and sat on her huge porch to watch the big display at Opechee Park, just across the lake from her house. The kids stayed up too late, but they let me sleep until 8:45 today, so I'm not complaining.

Can I complain about my ankle again, though? It still hurts, and I would say it hurts more today than it has for the past few days. Seems like every day it hurts a little more. It hurts to point my toe. It hurts a lot to flex my foot back toward my leg. And walking on uneven ground like the lawn is very painful. I've never heard of an injury of any sort that didn't start to feel better a couple of days after the initial injury. Especially when there was no trauma in the first place, just a buttload of spinning.

I figure that unless it turns colors or gets so that I can't walk on it, I'll give it the weekend of rest and Advil before calling the doctor. Mostly because he'll look at it, tell me to take Advil and stay off it. Which I could have figured out on my own, thanks.

I wonder what this will do to my new career as a spinster? *chokes back sob*

I suppose I could knit something with the yarn I made. Hey, that's a thought!


Blogger Bezzie said...

Hm, see, I thought you already finished those mittens!!! I have a hard time keeping track of the Mitten Queen's subjects!

6:59 PM  
Blogger Batty said...

I love the idea of the mitten as art. And I'm having trouble keeping track of all your mittens too -- it's like trying to figure out Stariel's socks!

11:56 AM  

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