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Monday, January 14, 2008

The Trouble With Snow Days

Well, besides the fact that Bug will be in school in July. Honestly, why do schools have the summer off? Wouldn't it make more sense to have the winter off so that if it snows, no harm done? And think of the money the district would save heating the school! How often would they have to call off school in the summer because of weather? Around here, not much.

Anyway, the biggest problem with a snowy day is that it's the perfect day for me to wash and photograph all the new fingerless mittens I've been working on for my etsy shop, if only it wasn't so freaking DARK in here! I've got 8 pair done and one on the needles. My New Year's Day purchases from Patternworks didn't even have time to make it into the stash!

I also have a bit of finishing work to do on the tiny baby gowns for Christopher's Angels before I can send them out. It's just a smidge of sewing, but I'm not feeling like sewing these days, to tell the truth.

Today I am also singing at a funeral, snow or no snow. I expect the snow will keep some people away, which is bad for the family but good for me. Less people to make me nervous and all. I live just up the hill from the church, so no big commute for me or anything. Another plus, and I hate to say it, is that the choir members who are retired won't come out to sing with us. The choir director would prefer it if there was only a cantor, herself, and the organist at funerals. It's easier to get quality control that way. After all, like weddings, funerals are special occasions and you want the music to be good. And if the whole choir came, that would be great. But it's just the elderly ladies of the choir. One makes up her own descants. One is a soprano that always sings sharp and loud and consequently sounds a bit like a cat in heat. And Ellie...dear, sweet Ellie...she's an alto and can't carry a tune in a bucket. Blended in with a full chorus, one doesn't notice these things, but when they're your backup singers, it's noticed.

I actually think it's sweet and kind of funny. As long as they don't throw me off. It doesn't take much. I'm susceptible.

Wow, it's really coming down out there. It's pretty. We've had our annual January thaw and things are icy and grey and ugly, so this is a timely addition to the landscape. I don't mind snow, but I prefer it to be pretty. This is pretty.

In stomach ailment news, Bug spent Saturday night awake and puking, but was better on Sunday. Sunday went by nicely until about dinnertime when Bobo started fussing. She fussed in the bath and said she wanted to get out, so I got her into clean jammies and onto my lap for a snuggle.

You know what's coming, don't you?

Yeah, she puked all over herself, me, and the living room.

Had to haul Bug out of the bath so I could put Bo back in, wash her jammies and my clothes, change, and start the laundry. DH was up at my Sister's watching football so I called him down to clean up the living room while I attended to Bobo. Then when Bo was clean again I went it and recleaned the living room to get all the barf he missed.

I was actually in tears last night at the lastest recurrence. I'm starting to think that this 'thing' will never go away. Just when you think it's gone...RRRRRRALLLLLLLPPHHHHHH.

It's enough to make a woman go off the deep end, you know?

Ah well, I better think about getting some clothes together.

(Bobo just came up to me and asked if she could get up on me. I said to her, "Last time you were up on me, you puked on me. You gonna puke on me again?" Her reply? "Yeah, so Papa will have to come down from Tanta and Baboo's house." You see what I'm up against?)


Blogger Batty said...

Ugh. I hope the Creeping Crud goes away for good soon!

You know, about singing... Mr. Batty sings. Loudly. He throws me off every Sunday. It's one of the reasons I like being up front with the choir, but don't tell him!

8:49 AM  

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