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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it's 2008 already. I'm not sure where 2007 went, exactly.

I start the new year with a piece of glass in my finger. I think there is, anyway. Mr. Poops broke a glass baking dish on the counter and apparently some of the glass got on our dish sponge. And said glass shard went into my finger when I used the sponge. I thought I got it out, but the spot is still really sore and I suspect there's still some glass in there. Hurts to type. But not to knit, thank God!

Christmas was excellent, if a bit long and drawn out. It's still not quite over yet, for Pete's sake. I have a party to go to on Friday night still, and that should bring the celebrations to an end.

Our Christmas started on December 23rd at my in-law's house. We all have so many places to be on Christmas day that my MIL decided that we should all get together the Sunday before to spend the day opening presents and stuff, which we did.

Monday, of course, was Christmas Eve. We went to my mother's house that night and ate Chinese food, then we came home and I wrapped "Santa" presents for the girls until 11:15 when I headed to church for Mass.

Sang at Midnight Mass; didn't get home until quarter to 2 in the morning. I am too old and pregnant for such things. Mass was lovely, if long. And late.

We were all up by 7 to open gifts here before going to my sister's house next door at 10 for more presents and lunch. Because we didn't have to be at my in-laws by any certain time in the afternoonm we got to hang out and talk and watch movies for awhile. We did decide to go to my in-laws anyway just to visit and hang for awhile, but when we got there my MIL and FIL were taking a nap. My BIL was up and his wife was putting their son down for his nap. He went in "to check on them" and never came back. He lay down for a nap. SIL came out and visited for five or 10 minutes before saying she was going to go "check on them" and never came out either. So we left a note saying "catch up with you later" and drove all the way back home.

Yeah, we thought it was rude too. Not my MIL and FIL. I know if they knew we were there my MIL at least would have come down and visited and put on some coffee. I felt bad for DH the most. They live in TX and we only see them at Christmas, yet it seems that they're always so busy visiting with friends from church when they're here that they never hook up with DH. And when we go out of our way to make the trip over on Christmas day, they leave us to chill out on the couch while they nap.

Allow me to point out too that I was the one that was up until 2 the night before, up at 7, and am nearly 5 months pregnant to boot. If anyone needed a nap, it was me.


Christmas continued on Friday night with the choir Christmas party, and then on to Sunday with my mother's side of the family for presents and dinner at 1.

Monday, of course, was New Year's Eve and we go to our annual party with friends. It was my turn to dive headfirst into Shake's fabulous margaritas, only I got robbed this year. So I get to partake the next two years to make up for it. 2008 is going to go so slow!

And New Year's day, yesterday, Sister and I went to Center Harbor to use up our Patternworks gift certificates at their annual New Year's day sale. I got a whole bunch of "orphan" skeins at half price, then we had lunch at George's Diner in Meredith. I spent the rest of the afternoon making turkey soup, knitting, and watching the snow fall.

One more party to go on Friday and that ought to just about finish the season for me. I'm tired.

I have been knitting and have some stuff to wash and block and list on etsy and stuff. I'm going to try to get to it today...perhaps there will be a part two of this entry, complete with Yarn Porn and Knitterly Content.

But now, I must get the girls ready to head to the bus stop. We had a two hour delay, thus easing us back into our routine after a very long week off. Gotta go dig out the boots and hats and mittens and must be January!

Happy New Year!


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