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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Take Two: Knitting

But not just knitting!

I haven't done much knitting, to be honest. My desert-dwelling cousin inquired as to whether I could make some beanie-type hats for her daughter since she outgrew the ones they bought last year. I made the first prototype:

but there were some problems. First, Bobo won't give it up. She's worn it everywhere but to bed since I finished it.

Second, it's a bit long since cotton stretches and doesn't spring back like my beloved wool. Unless you buy the cotton with the elastic in it and I don't have any of that hanging about. So the beanie kind of loses it's shape quickly and as such becomes a tad too long. But no worries...

Version Two is shorter and this yarn doesn't seem to stretch as much. It also has a tendency to slide off. *shrugs*

The first one was made with leftover bits of Knitpicks Shine Sport and the second was some odds and ends closeout balls of what I believe was a Louisa Harding cotton. I would have no idea since the ball bands went away a long time ago.

Version the Third so far is a cable rib, as yet on the needles and still unphotographed. I think the cables will help it hug the head better so that it will stay on in the shorter length. We shall see.

Once that last hat is done I will likely start a new sweater using up that lavender/pink homespun and a pink and blue homespun I finished last year. And Bezz, it is VERY sproingy and bouncy. And soft...reminds me of cotton balls for some reason.

After that, who knows? Right now there's a baby napping and nothing on the wheel. I have some pretty green to work on.

I need more green in the stash. I seldom have any when I need it. Yellow either. It's weird. I should buy some.

And I can! I've been selling off some of my old stamp sets on eBay and they've been moving really well. So we had some spare cash to have breakfast out this morning. I needed it. I did not look or feel my very best this morning.

This year has been a great one for birthdays! Me and all my friends it seems have turned 40 this year and it's been one great party after another. I haven't had this much fun at birthday parties since we all turned 18! Polly was the latest and we played at her house until 12:30 in the morning.

I have the best friends in the world.

I brought my camera but didn't take any pictures. What happens in Canterbury, stays in Canterbury.


Blogger Kaye said...

Nice! Hey, if the guinea pigs like them...they're not a complete flop!

4:47 PM  

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