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Thursday, April 05, 2007

How Springlike Can You Get?

This is my front yard this morning. We got almost a foot of snow last night. Yeah, it's pretty. But it's already knocked the power out a couple of times last night and this morning. And it caused another snow day for the kids so we'll be going an extra day in June to be sure.

Don't get me wrong. I try not to bitch about snow. I've lived in NH my whole life and I'm used to it. And I know that this "sugar snow" is good for the maple syrup industry, and it's great for the gardens. The old timers call it "poor man's fertilizer," and after a dry fall and early winter, the moisture is welcome.

But that top picture? Those are my lilac bushes. They're budding, poor things! Ready to unfurl their green leaves to the sun and fill the yard with fragrance from their fluffy purple blossoms!

Not today, they won't. And it's going to be cold well into next week, so it looks like the girls will be hunting Easter eggs in their winter coats again this year.

Which brings me to a peeve of mine. Is it so hard for clothing manufacturers to make Easter dresses with long sleeves? Something that feels like spring but is still warm enough to wear without a sweater over it? I suppose I could break out the sewing machine, but bleah.

Yesterday Bobo tried on her new shoes and they fit. And she had a swell time tapping and stomping her way through the house. No, she doesn't have pants on. Her diaper leaked and I hadn't pulled out a dry pair yet, and I thought while I had her attention I'd slap those shoes on her. They were harder to get off of her than on. She's standing on the bricks under the pellet stove (it's off, don't worry) and told me she's "on da stage". God help me.

Anyway, I did all the Easter Bunny shopping and outdid myself with basket goodies. I make a treasure hunt for the girls instead of just looking for eggs. I give Bug a clue from the Bunny and she has to follow the clue to find the next clue, then the next one until she finds the hidden baskets. It's very fun. We've progressed from picture clues to word clues, to poem riddles. I bet by next year Bobo will be on her own hunt for her basket as well.

Tanta and Baboo do the egg hunt next door at their house after church. And dinner. Mmmm, yummy Easter dinner. I don't know what we're having, but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless. Oh, I do hope it's ham. Beloved, delicious ham. And beans.

And a quick note: if you've come here looking for my Blogaversary Contest, go here instead. Ask me a question and enter to win a great yarny prize. And there will be something for everyone who enters, so what have you got to lose?
So, today is Holy Thursday and thus begins my marathon of singing. Wish me luck, and healthy vocal cords. Or just until Wednesday. Then I can crash if need be!


Blogger Bezzie said...

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till its gone!
Trust this "Jersey Girl" on that one ;-) You'd miss it if you never got to see it again.

Great pic of Bobo! Some of my fondest childhood memories involve white patent leather church-shoes!

11:31 AM  
Blogger Penny Karma said...

And some of my fondest memories involve a lack of pants.

8:51 AM  

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