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Monday, February 18, 2008

Gobble, Gobble

Here's the newest addition to the neighborhood. Five rogue turkey hens are roaming the area and enjoying the fine morsels provided at local birdfeeders.

Father Albert seems to think there's at least a dozen of them, but they stay up in the woods behind our houses. These five (could be six) gals come out and roam around. They seem to be quite un-shy and have used their sharp claws to warn an inquisitive cat to keep her distance.

I like them. Father is sure they're going to wreck the garden this summer. I told him I was going to Agway to get some feed corn and some turkey pellets so I could scatter them in his backyard and make sure they stay.

He's building a snare. Here they've wandered down from my sister's kitchen window and crossed through my front yard. Then they headed up to see what was good for eatin' up the other end of the street.
Aside from turkey watching, I have been doing a spot of knitting. I made two tiny baby gowns and a bigger sweater for Christopher's Angels. The pink and blue gowns I made very small, intended for babies like Christopher who were only about 20 weeks old or so. The sweater is larger and should fit a baby born early to nearly full term. I have one more bunting to finish, but I couldn't find the zipper I bought for it. So I set it aside like a bay leaf and sent out what I had finished. You would know that as soon as I put the package in the mail, I found the zipper.

Of course I did. I'll finish it up today probably and send it out this afternoon. *sigh*

I also made three hats from some washable wool I had kicking around in the stash. Those I'm giving to the lady in our choir that works for Baby Threads, an organization that outfits babies in need in our area.

I also made a baby hat from some red CotLin I had leftover from Christmas presents that was planned for Dave, but I think it might be too small. I do not birth children with small heads, nosiree.

But I did finally use my Knitpicks gift cert. that Sister gave me for Christmas and I got some of their interchangeable needles and some of their Shine Sport to make Dave a summer-weight sweater and cap. Oh, those needles are lovely! I'm going to get some of the dpns as soon as the budget allows. (Be sure to visit my etsy early, shop often!)

They're like buttah, friends. Pretty too.

We had a two hour delay again this morning. It's creeping up on 40 degrees now, but it was raining and freezing rain overnight into early morn and now everything is wet and icy. Mostly driveways and yards. The roads are great, I have to say. We have the best road crew around. Our roads are the best for miles. You can tell when you've crossed the town line into the next town. And our road crew chief just said in the paper that we've got plenty of money left in the winter budget, and plenty of supplies to go the distance. He said that his guys were tired, but he also said that they don't stop until the job is done. Well, they're doing a great job.

The neighbor got his van stuck in his driveway this morning. I got up and looked out the window hoping it wasn't Mr. Poops. It wasn't. So I went back to bed. Nothing I could do to help, really.

I'm not sure, but with all the cancellations I think we're going to be in school until June 24. Or 25th. I guess they can't go into July because of the teacher contracts. I wonder if the snow is just about done having its way with us or if we're going to lose some of April vacation. Again, it probably depends on the contracts.

And finally, Girl Scout cookies are in. Every year I think what a ripoff it is that they're 3.50 a box. And then I eat 2/3 of a box of a Samoas in a sitting and realize that I'd pay 5 bucks a box for those babies.

God, they're good.


Blogger Bezzie said...

Ha ha! I think the same thing about GS cookies!!

We've got a bunch of turkeys like that living behind our office building. Watching dudes in suits take pictures of turkeys with their cell phones is more amusing than the turkeys themselves. My guess is that there's a tom for those hens--he needs to get a hold of his harem.

1:03 PM  
Blogger SiressYorkie said...

We had pheasants that wandered round our last house...would even stand at the front door and squawk to be let in. They're hilarious, those wildfowl. Apparently peacocks and peahens are even more amusing.

4:28 PM  
Anonymous SaraFimm said...

There is a hen turkey living on my property as well. Each Spring she wanders around with her current new flock and, occasionally, some of her previous year's "kids". I call her Greta Gobble.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Batty said...

DH says wild turkeys are the tastiest thing around. They are also very difficult to shoot. Good luck with the hunt! Maybe they'll fall for the box-on-a-stick trick from the old Taco Bell commercial.

7:55 PM  

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