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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mom Toes

As I'm sure you're aware by now, my Mother's Day wasn't going to be anything to write home about. Mr. Poops was off to TX for the weekend to fulfill family obligations, so I was left at home to keep the fires burning, so to speak.

It went well, but it meant no Wool Festival for me this year. Disappointing to begin with.

Sunday was pretty ordinary. We picked Papa up at the airport with no muss, no fuss, and headed home. I got a gift card to the Olive Garden for my birthday so I figured we could stop there on the way home. Only there was a line out the door to get in. Nope. Not with three kids.

So we hit the road and I said, "Let's try Makris" which is a seafood/family restaurant kind of place. The parking lot wasn't even full so we went in and were told since we didn't have reservations there'd be a half hour wait. The redheaded hostess ignored us for a couple of minutes while we stood right in front of her, and when I told Larry I wouldn't wait that long, she rather snarkily told me that it was Mother's Day and we should have made reservations.

I walked out and said mostly to myself and anyone who could hear me that the restaurant should try to employ hostesses who aren't red-headed harpies.

Doubt she knew what a harpy was, but she knew I wasn't happy and it was aimed at her. Happy Mother's Day to you too, motherfucker.

Anyway, we went right home and DH went out and got me Chinese food from my favorite place, the kids went to bed happy about their little gifties Papa got them, and I got to go to bed early.

And I got my toenails painted by Buggy. Not normally a fan of the painted digits, but I have to say I'm feeling fresh and funky.

Please ignore how potato-esque my feet are. My favorite Chinese food is chock full of MSG goodness. I know I can order it without, but what would be the point? It's what makes it taste so yummy!

I can almost get my rings back on today, so it's all good. No harm done. And the toes are a lot less sausage-y too, thanks for asking.

To make up for my lack of a decent Mother's Day Fiberiffic Celebration, this Saturday my sister, mother and I are headed down to Webs for the annual tent sale. I'm am going to try not to go crazy, but I make no promises to you. Other than to show off what I get so you can live vicariously through me.

Oh, and Friday night I'm going to a concert down in Durham. David Haas and Lori True are going to be singing and stuff, and quite a few of us from the choir are going down in a van. (It's the nice thing about those big Catholic families--someone you know is bound to have a twelve-passenger van.)

Lori is a friend of our choir director. I've had the pleasure to bend an elbow with her and play some cards on one of her visits out, and if you flip through a Catholic hymnal you'll see David's name everywhere. He and Lori write music for liturgy specifically. Which is a challenging order. Lori has a truly beautiful voice, too. She did a cantor workshop for us on one of her visits out here and I learned so much in just a few hours about liturgical singing. She made me want to learn more, and I think that's the sign of a truly great teacher.

Some of my favorite church songs are by Lori and David. If you've got the iTunes, you can take a listen. Search for "Lori True" and hear the sample of "May the Road Rise to Meet You". Such a pretty song. And David's psalm "The Name of God" is my favorite one to sing. Look that one up too. It's worth a browse. Take a wisten.

And I leave you with one final thought, as I contemplate packing a hip flask for the ride to Durham (open container laws be damned--I'm not driving!):
Can I get an "amen"?


Blogger Bezzie said...

I just wanna find spicy Chinese food. Too many weenie gringo patronizing the Chinese restaurants I always go to.

6:48 PM  
Blogger SiressYorkie said...

You'd find plenty of spice here, Bezzster. It's like a test of manhood, to see how much you can bear without screaming for absolution. After all, the Doner Kebab was invented by a German dude...

You sound like me, Poops, with the muttering (and not so soft muttering). I can't seem to stop it any more...I think it's a symptom of age and just getting to a point where you get tired of being shat upon by those in the customer service field. You went to a place whose sole function is to provide food. They could not do it in a timely fashion. The fault is theirs, not yours, so why should YOU feel like you've done something wrong?

Harpy indeed. word verification is "mamori". Isn't that the plural of mammory? One mammory, two mamori?

3:51 AM  
Blogger SiressYorkie said...

And the now the verification is "sucostu" close to "sucks to be you". This is fun!

3:52 AM  

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