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Monday, June 26, 2006

Pretty In Pink

So, I already told you that Friend Bob is an uncle again. You remember Friend Bob. Turns out he is not uncle to a bazillion nieces and nephews as I reported in my last post, merely an even dozen. Though in all fairness, by my count four of them are great-nieces and nephews, though I am certain that if my count is off, I'll be corrected soon.

So baby Olivia Rose is the latest addition to the family. Which makes me happy because I prefer to knit girly things. Not to take away from those of you who like to knit baby boy things, but give me soft and pink any day.

Here is her finished sweater and booties. I was going to make a cap or a bonnet too, but I ran out of yarn. The pattern is the Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater by Carole Barenys. I omitted the stitch pattern design and made it a two color sweater in pink and white instead. (As is the case when I don't photograph in sunlight, the colors are all wonky. It's a very pink pink and a very white white. Not so "creamy" as it looks here.)

The yarn is by Peter Pan by Wendy and its an acrylic/nylon blend. I know, I know, for a fiber snob it's an odd choice. I really do prefer natural fibers for many, many reasons, but this was wonderfully soft and the right weight for the project, as well as I already had it on hand and it's machine washable and dryable. It was, however, quite squeaky to work with and it stuck like the very devil to my bamboo needles. I worked the body on my Addi Turbos, but had to use my bamboo dpn's for the sleeves and--well, just ugh. Plus it was wicked humid today so finishing the sleeves was pure torture.

But it's done. The buttons are little pink cute!

For the booties I just used a basic sock pattern in an infant size and added a row of eyelets at the base of the ribbed, turned down cuff. And the gingham ribbon will help hold them on the little feet, hopefully.

Tomorrow I will stamp a card, wrap the box, and send it off to the new baby. And then I think I will start another pair of Red Hatter slippers.


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