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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Random Bits of Effluvia

Effluvia No. 1: Emma and the Daylilies.

Included because she's so stinking cute, and my daylilies look so purty all in full bloom. Pretty big, aren't they? Emma is blowing on them with a maximum of spit. I told her to smell the flowers, and that's what I got.

Effluvia No. 2: Tsunami!

So this one time Friend Bob (you remember Friend Bob) and I were at the beach. We went to school in Newport, Rhode Island at Salve Regina University. Only it was a college then. It didn't go "university" until after we graduated. But I digress.

We were at the beach, enjoying the last days of summer. We headed back to school in early September, but the weather is usually nice enough in Newport to hit the beach well into October. Which we did. And it explains our grade point averages. I mean, who can study with this right outside the windows?

Now, the beach is bordered by a sea wall, which most of the time was there for show. The sand above the high-tide line was dry as a bone and had been for quite some time. No water had touched that sand, I swear to you. So we lay down our towels and stuff, did some swimming, then flopped down to catch some rays. (Back when I thought there was such a thing as a Healthy Tan.) We're laying there on our bellies, minding our own business, when out of nowhere...


This rogue wave comes out of NOWHERE and completely submerges us. Completely. As in all the way. As in the wave that should have stopped at least 30 yards away--at high tide no less, which it wasn't--completely defied the laws of nature and running over everything in its path proceeded past the high-tide mark, past the unwary sunbathers, and up and over the sea wall.


After we realized we hadn't actually drowned, we jumped up coughing and spitting sand and sea water, chased our cold drinks and a soggy script or two before they wound up as hostages to the ocean, and proceeded to collapse on our sodden towels laughing so hard we thought we'd pass out. One of us made the casual comment, "That wasn't a wave, it was a soooo NAM eee," which struck us both as hysterical.

Of course it's less funny now after the real tsunami that wiped out half of southeast Asia. Nah, it's still funny to me.

We were "soooo NAM eeeeed."

Effluvia No. 3: York Beach, Maine.

What reminded me of the sooooo NAM eeeeee of all those years ago was spending Monday at York Beach. Lovely place, but shitty parking. I'm just saying.

I neglected to bring the camera, so I have no pictures to share of our own day in the sand, but we did get there right as the tide decided to come in, and we found ourselves constantly moving back and back and back before we got wet. Only I was watching the kids and not the water and it did creep up and get Larry's t-shirt and towel soaked.

His stuff got soooo NAM eeeeed.

Effluvia No. 4: Blogger Sucks.

I'm trying to post pictures of FO's and Blogger won't let me upload any pictures. And it's pissing me off in a royal way. I'd prefer you to be able to see the photos I took without having to link to them.

Sons of bitches.

Effluvia No. 5: More Fuggles!

They've taken on a life of their own.

Here's the toddler family of Fuggles. Three in a one to two year sized and three in a two and up size. One of them fits my 6 year old. Weird, since the stitch count and pattern are the same. Not sure why it came out so much bigger. And don't lecture me about gauge. I won't have it!

So I've made some cute tags for them, but I'm giving my hands a break from the acrylic. It has no give! I'm on to another pair of slippers. In wool. *sigh*

Effluvia No. 6: A Few More FO's.

Finally, a pair of red had lady slippers, and two hats. Not too exciting. Sorry you had to WASTE ALL THAT TIME LINKING TO IT.

Frickin' Blogger bastards.


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