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Monday, March 17, 2008

Just Pimpin'...

I have to say, I love the R2 hat. The blog I found this on linked to other Star Wars colorwork charts as well. I just had to make this one. Naturally, me being me, I didn't exactly follow the pattern as written. I just don't roll that way. And I will confess that I didn't do so well with the colorwork as I'd have liked. I managed to not make any mistakes, which is rare enough, but my stitches pull a bit more than I like. No matter. It'll be a hit anyway, I'm sure.

In as much as I have no inclination to knit another one of these hats, I'm posting the link to the pattern I used as a guide. Plus, I'm sure making them for profit would be some sort of copyright violation. Meh.

You can find the inspiration and charts for the R2D2 hat pattern here. Oh yes, there were some modifications. I made it from Encore Sport, 75% acrylic/25% wool blend (machine washable) on size 3 needles. Cast on 134 sts instead of 160 due to gauge issues. As long as it has a multiple of 18 sts and enough to work the whole words motif, you're okay. I knit the brim facing first instead of picking up stitches later as the directions call for. I knit for about 1 1/2 inches before doing a purl row and then starting the patterns.

Knit from the bottom up, the brim has the "May the force be with you" chart, then I did one repeat of the R2D2 motifs around instead of two. To taper the top, I did decreases starting about 1/2 inch above the motifs. I did K18, k2 tog around, then knit a plain row. Then k17, k2 tog around and a plain row until I was at about a K4 tog, then I just gathered the remaining stitches. I did the decreases all the way down to k2tog, but I got a nipple on the top, so I frogged back to past the nipple and just gathered and it worked out fine. You can use whatever decreases you like, of course.

At the end, I folded the brim under and stitched it into place. Wash and block. It fits my big head perfectly and is a bit big on the Bug. I figure my little friend won't be growing out of it any time soon. Which is perfect.

And whilst I'm pimping, Miz Bezzie has a plethora of knitterly goodies over at her etsy store, Random Meanderthings. I didn't see anymore of the tiny knitter t-shirts, but she's got lots of other cute knitting accessories. And maybe, if you're real nice, she'll whip some more out for you and your progeny. Maybe.

Elizabeth has a new pattern for sale over on her blog called "Sloane" that I'm totally going to make for me. Click here if you want to make one too, or just see what I'm talking about. I'm currently working on a heavily cabled sweater for Dave for the colder months (which as far as I'm concerned are most of them up here) and I'm jazzed about cables and I really like the simple elegance of this sweater. Perhaps it'll make me feel a little Irish.

I'm not even a little Irish, unless you count my kids. Mr. Poops has some Irish in him somewhere, so I guess for that matter, I do at the moment as well. Maybe Dave and I will have to go dig out my one green sweater for the day.

Happy St. Patricks day to ye!


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