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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Eviction Notice

Yeah, Dave, I'm talking to you.

It's your due date. You're full-term to the day.

Now get out.

So I can hold you and snuggle you and kiss your wee face. I love you so.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I Wait, and I Spin

So, I'm still sitting here waiting somewhat impatiently for Dave to arrive. I had an appointment with the nurse midwife today and she said I'm just about 2 cm dilated and starting to thin out (cervically speaking) which is good progress. As of my appointment last week, things were closed up tight.

She swears that as soon as his head engages and he settles down into my pelvis that my cervix is going to just FLY open, so lots of standing and walking around would probably help get him moved down. Okay, but not until Tuesday because my ob/gyn is out of town at his son's graduation this weekend. And I've got some spinning to do, you see.

This is some merino I got at the NHSWF on Mother's Day weekend. The color is "sage" and it came from a seller called The Fiber Fetish. I'm actually knitting with it's twin that I bought last year at NHSWF and spun up. I also have another lil' hank of this in a lovely red color called "mojave" that's equally lovely. But I've only photographed the green thus far.

This bluish and pinkish number is of some sort of fiber blend. I have to admit to being taken by the colors and failed to notice the fiber content. Oops. It's called "cotton candy" and is a blend of a robin's egg blue and a slightly purplish pink and the roving did indeed look like the bags of cotton candy you get at the fair. It was FULL of twigs and sticks and stuff, but spun up into a soft 2 ply. I have a big ball of a pinkish roving that will match it, as well as my never-ending pound of blue that matches as well. I'll probably combine yarns to make stuff for the kids.

Alrighty then, that's all I've got to show off for today. Continue with your regularly scheduled...whatever it is you do!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sorry, but I've hit the wall.

Not literally, but I do tend to bump into lots of stuff lately.

I'm just wiped. As you can see by the creepy little fetus ticker over on the side there, I'm in the home stretch. And dude, it's kicking my ass.

I ache. I'm, scratch that--I'm exhausted. I can't sleep at night. Walking from room to room takes a supreme effort of will.

But I'm not complaining. Just explaining why blog posts are few and far between. It's like I have interesting things happening to me, and I'm way far behind in showing you what I've been knitting and the new swag I got at Webs and NH Sheep and Wool. But I don't feel like taking pictures, and even the interesting stuff that happens just doesn't sound interesting even when I get up the gumption to write about it.

I'm just wiped out.

So I hope you'll forgive me if I don't have much to say for a few more weeks. I'm okay, I just need a nap...

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