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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Underpants with Design Features

Someone spammed (I think) a comment on my blog with a link to Underpants with Design Features, with the added comment that they will increase sperm count.

(Okay, it was spam. From this blog. I suppose you can click it at your own risk.)

Seeing as how Mr. Poops has recently been fixed as to eliminate his sperm count, it seems like an odd solicitation. But I published it anyway just as a service announcement. They do look comfy. I mean, if I had a package, I imagine it would be comfy in those unders.

I don't know which post it goes to, though. I'll look for you and let you know. If you're looking to get your man a pair of snack-huggers that don't hug his snack too tightly.

I've been bad again about updating here, but really not much interesting has happened. Though I do have a few interesting tidbits to bring up, and I should have some good blog fodder in the next couple of weeks.

Stuff I have to report on:

--Shopping excursion to Patternworks and a lovely new yarn I'm liking quite a lot. Berroco Comfort DK. It's 50/50 superfine nylon and superfine acrylic and is machine wash-and dryable. And it feels an awful lot like one of the Debbie Bliss Cashsomethingorothers. Cashcotton. Cashmerino. One of those. Super soft, not squeaky in the least, maybe a bit splitty but not heinously so. I like it. I have a couple of balls each of blue, pink, and yellow to make baby sets. The first one is done and it knits up beautifully.

So I packed all three kidlings up and took 'em yarn shopping. I only attempted to pull it off because I had a list of exactly what I needed and how much so I could go in, grab, pay, and go. So Dave rode in his stroller and the girls were admonished NOT TO TOUCH.

We got in there and the Yarn Ladies made a huge fuss over all three of them, as did my fellow knitters. Dave got fussy, so I parked the stroller in the cotton/baby yarn room and Bug gave him a bottle. Bobo took the totebag shopping basket and held it for me while I tossed the yarn in. She also tossed some choices of her own in as well, which I put back. But you have to admire kid who picks out yarn on her own.

The trip went well, all things considered. They got to have McDonald's as a treat for being so good.

Oh, I also got a bunch of Encore for some kid knitting and a skein of Cascade 22o to make the Tepes hat from the new Anticraft. How I do love me some impaled people!

--The 50th annual Canterbury Fair, at which I had a booth. I made about half of what I did last year, owing I guess to the fact that I'm selling wool goods on a 90 degree day and the economy is most definitely NOT booming. Add to that the fact that Sister didn't come with me...well, I was ready to go home by 10 a.m., but I stuck it out.
I got to see my friend and her Morris dancing group perform.
That's her and her sister, her two daughters and two nieces. They did their own dance together because they're all family!

--Some stuff I've been making. Sold some of it, too. I'm not doing any more fairs until the weather is cooler. Screw it.
--A baby boy who has learned to smile and is very cute. Honestly.
Why is it so dark? I don't live in a cave.

--In his "coming home" outfit. He's not happy about posing in it today, even though it fits him better than it did when he actually came home. It's a bit sticky here today. That's why he's not wearing pants with it.

Yeah, it's sideways, but the lighting is better. You can't have everything.

Stuff coming up that should be decent blog fodder, so stay tuned:

--Another big sale at Mr. Poops's work, meaning more new clothes for me! (That's on Friday)

--Bobo's getting her hair cut off (That's tonight, Thursday, at 7. We're planning on donating it to Locks of Love.)
--The annual 300 club dinner at church (Coming on Saturday after 4:30 mass. Steak and lobster dinners. Mmmm.)

--Bobo and Dave's checkups and shots (next Wednesday--or Tuesday, I forget which. They changed the day on me once, so I lose track. It's on the calendar, though.)

There. That should tide you over for a day or two. Actually, I want to do the meme that's on CBear (and other's) blog. I know all about the seven deadly sins!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sleepy Little Milk Pig

Mama's little piglet. He was eating happily here, when I took the bottle away so I could take a picture of him while he's awake. He's about to protest mightily, but I snapped him while he still had that "What the hell?" look on his face. He's very concerned he might not get anymore. But he did. He doesn't have a milk mustache but has the baby equivalent. Cute! What's cuter than a milk coma?
When he grins to himself in his sleep, that's what.
All is well here, though I'll be kind of glad when school starts again. The mantra in my house is now "I have three kids and two hands. You do the math."

As I sit here, the two girls are playing in the living room while Dave dozes in and out in his swing. The constant cries of "GET OFF ME!" and "EMMA! NO!" are getting on my last nerve and it's only 9 in the morning. Add to that Dave's whining and squawking every time they wake him up, and you get some idea of my day.

Well, at least it's not as hot here today. It's been hot and humid for the last three days and it finally broke. I suppose we could have put the AC in, but since our water bill went up 60%, our electric is going up 5%, gas is $4 a gallon and I just got a $937 dollar oil bill, I think we'll just sweat.

I've given thought to closing off the upstairs of the house this winter and living in the three downstairs rooms. Serious thought. As it is, I will probably have to go back to work part-time in the evenings to try to keep ahead of the oil bills. Not until Dave's sleeping through the night, though.

I wish, as usual, that I had something interesting to talk about. We really haven't done much lately. Gee, I wonder why!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hangin' With Sister

I put Dave down on the floor last night to swaddle him up in a blanket. He seemed quite content to be laying there, sort of squorking about and doing cute baby things. Then Big Sister Bobo got in on the act and I had to get the camera.

He is fascinated by her, and she by him. They lay there on the floor and played for quite some time before he got hungry.

He's still a pretty laid-back baby. I think we'll keep him.

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